Kind words

Here are some of the kind things people have said about by food, huge thanks to all of them and all of my wonderful customers…


EATDRINK24/7 – Recommendations: Best of central Bristol

“There is a severe lack of good sushi in Bristol, so I was very excited when I discovered Lisa’s street food stall at St Nick’s Friday street market. She creates an amazing range of Dumplings and Sushi with toppings like Eel, salmon and quails eggs. I usually go for the bento box which includes sushi, and succulent slow cooked Beef Donburi with sticky rice, wasabi and pickled ginger… I’m salivating just writing this.” – Tom Hovey, The Great British Bake Off official artist … Read full article



By James Clay – She doesn’t just sell sushi!

One of the regular stalls at the St Nicks market in Bristol on Friday is SheSellsSushi and it is one of my favourite, even if I have never actually had the sushi from there…. yet!

My usual lunch order with the stall is the bento box containing a choice of two dishes from the menu. I usually go for the Donburi, which is slow cooked beef rib in a teriyaki sauce combined with some octopus (or duck) balls (takoyaki).

However Lisa, on the stall has been recently selling steamed Hirata bun, so in my bento box this time, I once more had the Donburi, but this time I went with the Hirata bun.

This was a charcoal bun (not what I initially thought was a squid ink bun) with delicious tender pork belly, spring onions and tasty sauce.

The bun was light and fluffy, the pork tender, all in all great flavour. I really wanted another one. I do like the takoyaki I usually go for, but now, I will always go with the Hirata bun.

The Donburi beef was as usual delicious, the flavour is perfect, you can sometimes overdo the teriyaki, but this was well balanced and so tasty. Served with rice and spring onions.

I have spoken to others who really recommend the sushi, so I think I will have to try that next time (with a Hirata bun)… Read full article



Visit BristolFriday Food: A St Nick’s Market special

Liz Carrad from Source Food Hall and Cafe gives us her favourite places to eat and drink in Bristol’s famous market… #FoodFriday.

She Sells Sushi

The name is self-explanatory, but you can also get lush, freshly prepared Japanese dishes including Takoyaki (dumplings with octopus topped with tonkatsu sauce, Japanese mayo, toasted smoked dried tuna flakes) and Teriyaki Beef Rib Donburi (succulent slow cooked beef shredded over Japanese short grain rice and served with black garlic oil, beni shoga, scallion and cucumber) and best of all, you can get a bento box with a combination of the above. I am both greedy and indecisive with food, so this solves all my problems… Read full article

With Mustard Bristol
She Sells Sushi -From The Market Stall, Wine Street/Tobacco Factory Market -Bristol
It was actually the ditsy print cloth covering She Sell’s stall, that first caught my eye. Bright red with tiny stylised prawns, stare long enough for a dotty negative image. I must admit that when I first tried the sushi, I had little expectation, but I’m pleased to say it is a delight. Best of all, it is clearly hand rolled and fresh.
Simmered in mirin and soy, one of my favourites is the Tsukudani, made with kombu. The kombu has a slightly gelatinous texture, yet still retains a crunch. Iodine rich and saline, it is beautifully balanced by the sweet yet sour tang of mirin and topped with sesame… Read full article 



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