I have always had a fascination and love for food. I feel very lucky to have enjoyed the home grown produce I ate while growing up on our farm in County Tyrone (thanks Mum & Dad) but I soon longed for something more exotic than Irish stew.

I began making sushi at home for family and friends after buying a book, nothing fancy just a basic guide to sushi making techniques. Soon I was receiving generous gifts of Japanese dishes and knives amid prompts of ‘Ooh shall we have another sushi evening soon…’

Then some years later, after countless sushi banquets, I thought to myself ‘hey maybe I could sell this’, so that’s exactly what I did!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve just bought and devoured your delicious sushi, which I bought at the Clifton Market from you. Not only did they look amazing but it was truly the best sushi I’ve had…ever! Thankyou for deciding to spread your wings and sharing your wonderful sushi with the rest of us. Can’t wait til next month 🙂 see you then.

  2. I had the tuile today which I ate last. It was like a savoury/sweet dessert. Delicious and the perfect ending to a lovely box of sushi.

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